Les Brünettes

After their last program "A Women Thing", a congenial homage to their musical heroines, Les Brünettes simply wanted a "boy thing". And who better to take on than the boygroup of all boygroups: The Beatles. Through the eyes of four women, a gripping close-up of the Fab Four's life and music was created.

To get even closer to the Beatles spirit, Les Brünettes even recorded this album at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London - the place where Paul, George, Ringo and John wrote and recorded many of their world-famous songs.

Musicians, fans, biographers and contemporaries still fathom the secret of the Beatles: How could these four normal guys from Liverpool become lightning conductors of the longings of an entire generation? Certainly also because they were a real "band" - more than just the sum of their parts. Four brilliant musicians, four songwriters, four singers and last but not least four friends. Each band member let his musical ideas flow into the band, which contributes to the enormous variety of their music. A band concept that Les Brünettes also live and love, and with which they allow themselves to constantly tread new musical paths beyond the a cappella mainstream.