No matter where you file the album of this quartet from Berlin, it will always be an alien in its category. You could file it under jazz, if it wasn't for those almost cinematographic sounds and Sandie Wollasch's incredibly tender voice. You could file it under rock music, but it's too intelligent for that, for pop it's not happily superficial enough, for soul music there's too little tragic.

But still you will not sense a shortcoming as Triband present "So Together", their beautifully fickle new album. It feels a bit like finding an old box in the attic and losing all sense of time and space while rummaging around – until you're suddenly startled. Like in "Miss Baby Light", the single, when there is a lovely erotic slow motion mood; or in "Smoking", when Sandie Wollasch's smooth voice takes a walk in foggy string sounds and is brought to a screeching halt by an electric guitar. Keyboard and trumpet player Sebastian Studnitzky chuckles: "The best thing is: there is no guitar in this song. It's my trumpet, slightly distorted." This little stroke of genius is due to the rather unorthodox methods Studnitzky and his collegues use to get from an idea to their aim.