In the Big Wide World of Brand Development

12. April 2018 - 11:16 -- Rüdiger Herzog

A couple of weeks ago, at the end of March, we had a meeting in our office, discussing the means, ends and possibilities of brand development. Routine in big business – a novelty for us. This morning, while shuffling my way to the bakery quite early, with eyes and mind open, taking a gaze to the right and there it was: a disfigured trademark. Quietly smiling to myself I was on my way, for sometimes and in a deeper sense it feels like there is music in everything. Up and down, loud or quiet, high or low. Music is not bad music just because it uses more or less notes. But a logo can be easily distorted by taking something away and adding something new. You see: the whole brand development thing is at work in me. Still, I will sleep easy tonight, for - as of yet - we are not screwing Herzog Records logos to the walls. Do you know our logo?