Borrowed and Blue by Lisa Bassenge released today

28. September 2018 - 15:45 -- Rüdiger Herzog


Once upon a time I used to count my coins of German Marks and then walked them to my local record shop. While they were weighing heavy in my pockets, their chink was part of the joyful anticipation of the pending purchase. Credit Cards and streams don´t make any noise and don´t need to be walked. The world has become aseptic and somehow unwholesome, because there is less to sense. And to my mind the effects of this trend are to be felt in music culture as well.

Lisa Bassenge does not have anything to do with all that, because with her “old” songs she represents older times. She believes in the power of great songs, enfolding their strength and depth over decades. On her new album Borrowed and Blue she presents a wonderful collection of such songs. At her side are the highly sensitive and expressive accompanists Jacob Karlzon on piano and Andreas Lang on bass. Together this very special trio brings Lisa Bassenge´s voice to glow and shine. Lovers of jazz, folk and singer-songwriter will lose their hearts – at least while listening. And since we too have to live and work with contradictions: of course, all of our music is available by credit card, on CD, vinyl and stream. Perhaps desire can make one feel music more intensely