Crazy little thing called vinyl!

20. March 2018 - 11:18 -- Rüdiger Herzog

Who ever did invent vinyl? It almost smells of the times of gunpowder and moonshine whiskey. And still it gets the true listeners all excited and dewy-eyed. You will find them at the record booth – not the CD-shop! - checking out and enthusing over 180gr. discs. And we are in the midst of providing the appreciators with some hot new fodder in the shape of a Nighthawks classic: Rio Bravo. Truly wonderful music, deserving to be remastered for and released as a vinyl LP. You may say it is a bit like the fruit vendors polishing their apples and pears to an even fresher shine. And despite the jolly jocularity the first warm rays of sunshine may have put us in – you best believe we are serious about it. The Nighthawks Rio Bravo is a summer album par excellence and it turns at the speed of 33 cycles per minute. Just for You – from the beginning of June.