Herzog Records with Les Brünettes and Pasadena Roof Orchestra at the Kulturbörse Freiburg

6. February 2018 - 15:01 -- Rüdiger Herzog

Every year, although different procedures, we are present in the south of Germany at the foot of the Black Forest, conducting our business at the Kulturbörse in Freiburg. This is a trade fair not just for music, but also comedy and magic - company that we are more than comfortable with, since our artists are working magic as well. And if you ever had the chance to experience Duncan Galloway, frontman of the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, telling jokes on stage, you know how close we feel to comedy as well. So, from January 22th to the 24th, we will be ready for you, together with Mr. Duncan and Chris Galloway, as well as the wonderful singers of Les Brünettes. Ready for some serious business, aiming to conquer stages all over Germany. We surely will try and our charming booth will be easy to find. Come and see us!