Jeff Cascaro - Love & Blues in the City

15. September 2017 - 10:44 -- Rüdiger Herzog

Jeff Cascaro´s voice is remarkable! And in the past weeks I have been hearing it on the phone almost every day. Why? Because even seasoned artists get jumpy when the release date of their latest album approaches. All kinds of questions: “Is there anything important left to do? Have You talked to such-or-such? Did they like the album?” It´s a marathon – but, considering the wonderful musical results, a rewarding one in itself. So far the resonance in journalistic circles has been outright positive! And we are not handing out free tickets to the Bahamas. Keeping it real and down to earth does not mean we are not flying high in our own way. Sticking to what we have: great songs and the greatest German male voice in jazz today. Well, and the best female one is also on our label: Jessica Gall. Back to Jeff Cascaro: tomorrow the second single will be released on Itunes: Ain´t no Love in the Heart of the City. What a song! Listen for yourself:


photographer: Jim Rakete