Jeff Cascaro - Love & Blues in the City

26. September 2017 - 18:45 -- Rüdiger Herzog
Jeff Cascaro

Managing an independent record label is bound to give one the blues quite frequently. It is work in a game full of challenges – perhaps more than ever. When asked, why I even bother, there is just one simple answer: I´m in love with music. Which presumably is the way jazz singer Jeff Cascaro feels about it as well. And which is why he has placed these conflicting sentiments of Love & Blues in the title of his new CD. And indeed this music manages to combine heavy subjects and delicate feelings, reflecting life as it is in all its facets – in such a way that apparently already appeals to radio journalists across the country. With the golden melancholy of autumn approaching, the timing for Love & Blues could not be more perfect. You may listen to it in its entirety on the 29th of September. Only three more sleep!

Photo by Jim Rakete