Lisa Bassenge on Nationwide Tour

7. November 2018 - 16:00 -- Rüdiger Herzog

Planning a tour can be like solving a huge jigsaw puzzle and sure can make one grow a couple of extra grey hair. But by mid November, when Lisa Bassenge and Andreas Lang will pick up Swedish pianist extraordinaire Jacob Karlzon at the airport Berlin for the final rehearsals, the joy will start to kick in. In my mind´s ear I start hearing songs like “Three Cigarettes, Grandma´s Hands ...”, and these wonderful musicians in the practice room, going through their material, discussing arrangements. On November 16th they are expected to play a studio concert at the MDR. And on the following day, November 17th, the official tour will finally kick off at the Quasimodo in Berlin. All this under the eyes of a film crew. You are most welcome to lend your ears to this truly excellent trio. The tour will be across the country. Whichever way you may be arriving, be it on foot, by train, bike, or car – don´t hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help with the directions.


foto: Dovile Sermokas