Neues Jessica Gall Album "Picture Perfect" ab heute erhältlich

6. January 2017 - 14:55 -- Oliver
Picture Perfect

Now in stores: The new Jessica Gall album "Picture Perfect".

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"Life," says Jessica Gall, "is loud enough already." The second part of the movement her counterpart has to think about it, which is no big deal, though. "My music", he would have said for sure, "that doesn't have to be that, too". Neither is it. But intense, haunting, hardly ever to be forgotten again, she is, more than ever. With "Picture Perfect" the Berlin girl has now recorded an album that sounds pleasantly imperfect in comparison to its predecessors and contrary to its title in an absolutely positive sense. Especially when you had expected an urban work from the German capital.

Jessica Gall smiles, "probably the opposite is the case, isn't it?" Yes, exactly. But why only? "The first thing I see in the morning," says the singer, "is a garden with apple trees and many birds. In other words, she doesn't live very centrally in Berlin. "That creates a need for me", Gall continues, "to let this vastness sound in my songs, at least there should be an idea of it." Their need to anticipate vastness and let it merge into sound has increased in recent years. Space and white space in her music have become increasingly important to her, "both have actually inspired me since my childhood. On the new album we now try to sound as reduced as possible". They and their musicians have come relatively far with it, "but for my taste there is still a bit of the way ahead. And the "we" in the penultimate sentence means not least her and her husband Robert Matt, who is not only responsible for the album as producer and arranger, but with whom Jessica also develops compositions and lyrics. Her voice, too, is marked by the new freedom. Just a few years ago, a rather unsuspicious daily newspaper had named her "Germany's softest voice". "Back then," says Jessica Gall, "I thought it was nicely formulated. In the meantime, however, she is much more outgoing, "because I noticed at some point, especially on stage, that I can be much more than gentle. She still doesn't scream and scream, "but I don't hold back in my whisper any longer. And I have a rather deep voice."

If their first albums were still sorted somewhat unperturbed into the jazz category, this should be difficult even for the inexperienced record dealer. She herself, says Jessica Gall, is not too interested in the classification, "inspires me rather to be able and allowed to make music at all. I like to be varied, and so I also listen to music privately. That ranges from Lady Gaga to Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits or Ella Fitzgerald. What appeals to me the most is a good lyric".

Her album now boasts of just this. Probably also because it was created in exactly the environment that Jessica Gall wanted. The work was created in collaboration with her husband, "we both just start writing, fortunately the work takes place completely in our house". The one with the apple trees and the birds in the garden, "even our studio is accommodated there - which of course makes it all the easier for us and our children." You can almost hear relief in her voice. "Then the band comes along," says Jessica Gall. Besides Robert Matt on piano and programming, these are Johannes Feige (guitars), Björn Werra (bass) and Martell Beigang (drums). "They play everything live and have a big part in the result", says Jessica Gall, "because I try out and critically examine my and Robert's specifications with her".