The Nighthawks´ Dal Martino visiting!

19. December 2017 - 12:41 -- Rüdiger Herzog

Musicians have their quirks – on and off stage. Some enter soft-footed, some stride in. Dal Martino, The Nighthawks´ producer and bass player, tends to come shuffling to our yearly résumé. A little bleary-eyed, as if to further emphasize that night time truly is a Nighthawk´s time. Just as the name suggests and their sound proves.

A “yearly résumé”, a little 101 of music marketing over coffee really, and we are already chuckling: “If the sales would be better, we all would be better off. Buy our girlfriends wonderful and extravagant presents for Christmas – a record by The Nighthawks perhaps.” After all these years our shared sense of humour seems perfectly intact.

And we are already looking toward January 2018, when The Nighthawks will tour the northern regions. Reiner Winterschladen is well again, fit as a trumpet one may say, and will funnel the band with his tremendous energy once again, when they lead off in Kiel on the 17th of January. Dal Martino, full of anticipation, has signed the excellent 180gr vinyl edition of their album “707” in our office. A vinyl cover can hardly be more beautiful!