Nighthawks at the Fabrik Hamburg on November 24th

3. October 2018 - 17:48 -- Rüdiger Herzog

It must be a generational, well age thing: musicians sending us postcards?! And who may it be? The jolly jokers of the Nighthawks, of course! They just wanted to remind their label on their upcoming concert in its home town. And now, of course, we are wondering, if carnival is already raging again down in Cologne. In response we have printed a pretty blue postcard in discreet Hanseatic design. And since we are brothers in spirit now, we will, at least for a while, ignore all new media hypes and take a stroll to the nearest mailbox. More importantly though: advance ticket sales are great. Don´t miss your chance to see the wonderful electro-jazz band Nighthawks at the Fabrik in Hamburg on the 24th of November.