Nighthawks give an ecstatic performance in Kiel

18. January 2018 - 10:26 -- Rüdiger Herzog

A frenetic audience at the sold out Kulturforum Kiel saw the Nighthawks invoking the spirit of electro jazz, as they were presenting their new album “707”. While some sceptics and critics may think of this fusion of jazz and rock as a thing of the past, the award-winning Nighthawks keep on proving them wrong, transporting it into the present with ease and style. It does take a truly vibrant collective of spirited musicians to turn a concert hall, as was to be experienced at the Kulturforum Kiel, into a bubbling cauldron. The Nighthawks have been carrying this torch more than 20 vital years now. And while their success may have been mostly beyond the mainstream, the word has slowly, but surely spread among music lovers. Many of whom and most likely some converts apparently were present in Kiel – front row to back row. Thank You Kiel!