Nighthawks new Video Blue Steel Silver

22. October 2018 - 10:47 -- Rüdiger Herzog

The Nighthawks have a penchant for videos. Their performance at the ElbJazz festival in 2018 truly was a memorable one. Outside thunder and lightning were raging and people were literally running into the hangars for shelter. On this stormy late evening the Nighthawks entered the stage in the machine hall of Blohm + Voss to present their new program 707. There were three cameras on stage and four more in the audience, to catch as much of the atmosphere as possible. That very night the video files were sent to Barcelona for editing. The result is a remarkable live video, capturing the special ambience of this festival and the energetic performance by the Nighthawks perfectly. See and hear for yourself! The 707 album already is advancing to become a classic.