Nighthawks return to Hamburg on November 24th

5. June 2018 - 10:11 -- Rüdiger Herzog

How truly delightful, if you have the time – and will - to take some time off now and then. That way you may climb up the stage, take a good look around and ponder how the artists may feel. On June the 1st during the Elbjazz at the Schiffbauhalle with a felt temperature of 30° degrees I had the chance to do exactly that. When the Nighthawks were entering the Schiffbauhallen-stage at 22:45 a mighty early summer thunderstorm had just passed. And the warm groovy sound of this great band provided the perfect conclusion for the first festival day in front of a swinging swaying crowd of 2000. For those who missed this event: on November the 24th the Nighthawks will return to Hamburg and play the Fabrik. And, of course: those who were present are welcome and most likely keen to come again. The gates are open to all, as it is good tradition in Altona.