The Press on Lisa Bassenge – Borrowed and Blue

22. October 2018 - 10:41 -- Rüdiger Herzog

Lisa Bassenge´s new album “Borrowed and Blue” has been released quite recently. And we are hoping for and expecting an ever growing audience to discover this very special singer from Berlin. The critics have shared some very nuanced opinions on why this is such a wonderful album. Read for yourself:

“She (Lisa Bassenge) reveals something very personal in a very honest way, searching for an intimate connection with the listeners. Thus rewarding them with something, that has become quite rare, especially in this degree of clarity and almost boundless trust: depth of soul.” (Tonart, 10.2018)

“The singer from Berlin makes these songs her own, always finding a personal note. The music could hardly be any sparser, but it is animated by an irresistible groove.” (STEREO 09.2018)

“The flow of these interpretations is superb. Lisa Bassenge and her excellent accompanists persistently manage to conjure up the deepest blues of a life lived in these songs, which just wants to make you listen closely. Music of and for the soul.” (Jazz Podium 09.2018)