Soulounge is back!

20. February 2018 - 10:44 -- Rüdiger Herzog

Some years ago, whilst being in Warner Music´s employ, two young dudes came into my office, giving me their plug about the Soulounge. While they were informative and easy going enough, it was the music that captivated me. Packing more than a few punches and executed with a simple straightforward idea: A steady, classy band presenting diverse singers within a show – the sound: Soul! Things went uphill quickly and the Soulounge became established all over the country.

Sven Bünger was and is the guitarist and producer of the Soulounge - the one with the shades and one of the formerly young dudes ... and now officially an “older” dude. Having brought to stage musicians like Roger Cicero, Johannes Oerding, Astrid North & Ruth Renner, he now has taken a deep breath once again, surrounding himself with some young and highly talented musicians. Something is in the air! And we want to help bring a fresh breeze of Soulounge on to the stages – for which we need you, being the appreciative and music-loving audience that you are!


foto credit: Marcus May