Watercoloured Borderlines


Watercoloured Borderlines

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- Watercoloured Borderlines

Miu presents her debut album "Watercoloured Borderlines". A collection of well balanced pieces. Soulful pieces in which there is really a lot going on. But which rest in themselves precisely because nothing is missing.

"Some ideas for songs arise when I'm playing the piano and feel a nice melody, others when Arne, our guitarist, sends me riffs or chord sequences. These ideas are then sent into the fire of the band rehearsal. Lovingly, a big arrangement with all zipp and zapp is written from what already works splendidly with Mius' voice and a harmony instrument. With a lot of time and energy, because such an arrangement doesn't just come into being in passing. "But we are not such fricklers and inventors who think a piece to death," says Miu, "it must be able to breathe and have plenty of air. Especially when there's a lot going on in it." And what happens there! The songs have a widescreen format. Is it pop? Or jazz? Or something completely different? No matter - Miu is about music. Pure music that doesn't know genre boundaries because Miu doesn't need them. "For example, we worked on a soul song and then suddenly there was a disco beat in it. At first glance not fitting. Absolutely cool at the second," she says for the record, "call it daring music or rather soul pop with left and right looking away." These glances wander into the music worlds of Alicia Keys, Norah Jones. From Lauryn Hill, Adele, Ella Fitzgerald to Amy Winehouse. Mius' rousing singing breathes the power and warmth of the timbres of these great women. The fact that Mius' voice sounds so warm, earthy and genuine is also due to producer Dennis Rux (former musician at Trashmonkeys or Rhonda) and the possibilities in his Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! analog studio.

With "Watercoloured Borderlines", Miu and her band have released an album that is bursting with unmistakable charm. That is honest and real, that has edge and personality. What more could the inclined listener wish for

(Franz X.A. Zipperer)